Dollar Store With Liza Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Uh, I’m still a girl (Uh, huh yeah)
Once a month, man I know for sure
When my body takes on its vengeance
A period, but let me start a new sentence!
I’m used to this, I’ve been a girl for a while
So I know I can handle heavy flows like the nile
I’ve been through all the blood, sweat and tears (Mostly Blood)
I’ve been a woman for the past 8 years
Heres a story, it all started when I was 13
Oh my gosh, i had to go get my pants dry cleaned
So, let me tell you all the ways you can stop the leak
To save you from a flow that can last all week
You can wear, black clothes, black pants, black panties
Thick ones, big ones. The kind you stole from you’re granny
Still leaks? Then cover up your cheeks with a jacket

Or even stuff your pants, make your booty look massive
One pad, two pad, three pad, four. Gotta find the right
Size to stop the overflow. [You know a lot of girls
Wear the wrong size pad 60% every month]
Thats a fact random Dad. 80 out of ever 100
Girls leak every month. Why? Cause they do know
A pad that fits them well enough. I do, i’ll show
You at the store. Really? Yup
Wait….SNEEZES Aisle needs me a clean up!

Wait, no, no, no. I’m good. I’m always good
Because I use the always my fit sizing chart
That you can find on top of every always pack
Too find the perfect pad fit best protects your flow
Speaking of flow…

[Verse 2]
Is this an AD? Its an AD for a pad
[One that always fits} Thats right random Dad! (Yeah)

I had no idea till this that size matters
Just like you didn’t know I’m a rapper
Oh and something else, I love to dance
Especially on my period. While wearing
White pants, most girls don’t
But I’m wearing my fit. so comfortable
I can do the splits. Back to the AD, to the
My fit size. Always perfection
Every time you rise. Crump harder than
You cramp, you’ll still stay dry
From work in the day To the twerk at night
LIKE THIS, yeah uh, get it so dry, uh, uh
So dry, super dry!
My pants are still white, and my
Period is going, and let me tell you
Theres no sign of over flowing!
No more fear, no leaks, no stressing
Oh my god. I think I love P.M.S.’n


So much
I can do this every month
I can do this every month

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